The Boys of My Youth: Jo Ann in “Cousins”

“We’re in the sticks.  Way out here things are measured in shitloads, and every third guy you meet is named Junior.  I’ve decided I don’t even like this bar we’re going to, that howling three-man band and the bathroom with no stalls, just stools.  Now I’m slumped and surly, an old pose for me.”


Though no definite time period was given for this section of the essay, I’m dating it in the 70s due to the Fleetwood Mac and the hair straightened on an ironing board.  Sure, the star vehicle of the piece is a Firebird, and this is a 1965 Mercury Comet, but I’m on a limited (read:nonexistent) budget here on a lit.eral interpretation. Cut a girl some slack.  Many thanks to the owner who generously went off-road with his baby, but would not let me sit on the hood…


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